2013 Youth Day CamP

Bunner Ridge Riding Association, Inc.

Contact: Mitchsmoon@comcast.net

July 15-18
Arrival: 8:00 am Departure: 4:30 pm


The camp will be limited to two groups of five, for a maximum of ten students per camp.  Previous experience will be considered when assigning students to groups.


Daily activities include two one-hour sessions of mounted instruction, as well as horsemanship, and basic first aid and veterinary care.  The program is geared to provide each student with a basic understanding of trail riding theory, as well as an idea of the responsibilities that are involved in the care of a horse.



Transportation is the responsibility of each camper.  The possibility of car-pooling does exist, and more information can be obtained when all applications are complete.



Ages 8 - 16.
A camp councilor and a first aid station will on the grounds each day.



The camp fees are $200.00.



1. Lunch (coolers provided), extra beverages such as water, iced tea, or Gatorade will be provided.

2. Clothing:

a.        Jeans
b.        Riding boots, paddock boots, Hard soled shoes with heels for            riding (no loafers) -
c.        Rain slicker or poncho
d.        Riding helmet (we have a few available for student use)


All Campers should bring a change of clothes for comfort when not riding.

If you have any questions about the camp or

would like to receive an application

 (or to print one, click here)

please call:
Carolynn Hamilton at 363-1594, or you can email mitchsmoon@comcast.net