Bunner Ridge Riding Association, Inc.


Bunner Ridge Riding Association, Inc.


Revised 2021




NAME:  The name of the organization shall be the Bunner Ridge Riding Association, Inc. (herein referred to as the “Association”).




· To attract the greatest number of individuals interested in equestrian activities.

· To develop individual participant’s knowledge, skills, and appreciation of the hose industry in all aspects of horsemanship.

· To sponsor and support activities which will increase an individual’s knowledge about care, riding, training and showing horses.

· To promote the equine industry and equine tourism in West Virginia, in particular north central West Virginia and Marion County.

· To support and maintain the 12 acres of land known as the Bunner Ridge Horse Park belonging to the Bunner Ridge Riding Association, Inc.




Section I:

· Participation shall be on an individual basis.

· Adult participants shall consist of individuals over the age of 18.

· Junior participants in the association shall consist of individuals under the age of 18 as of December 1 of the preceding year and are free with written parental permission.

· All participants shall receive a quarterly newsletter by e-mail or by mail and have free individual use of the Horse Park if there are no scheduled events.

· Participants must obey the RULES AND REGULATIONS of the park using NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.

· All participants must sign a liability waver annually.

· All participants must adhere to ALL park by-laws and regulations listed on the park grounds.  Any participant that fails to adhere to these by-laws and regulations may be dismissed from the grounds and/or the Association. (See Article XI – Participant Termination)

Section II:

· Adult yearly suggested donation shall be $20.00 per person starting in January and ending in December of that year.

· Suggested donation amount can be changed without changes to the by-laws.

· Junior participants shall be free but associations must have a signed and dated permission slip from a parent or guardian.

 Section III:

· New participants to the association can join at any time during the year.  If a new participant joins during the months of October, November or December the suggested donation are good through the following year.



· All individual participants in good standing are entitled to one (1) vote with exception of the President, who will vote in case of a tie.

· Any participant wishing to run for election of an officer position must attend a minimum of six (6) meetings during the calendar year. (See Article VII for more information.)


PARTICIPANTS IN GOOD STANDING: Participants who have paid their yearly suggested donation and have attended at least three (3) meeting out of the calendar year AND who has donated eight (8) volunteer hours at the Horse Park.



Section I:

· Executive Committee – This shall consist of the officers of the association: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to three (3) board participants to be voted on annually. 

· The President shall preside at all meeting of the Association, shall chair the executive meetings and shall be the ex-officio participant of all committees except the nominating committee.  The president shall be eligible to vote in Executive Committee meetings only.  At regularly scheduled meetings of the Association, the President may vote only in case of a tie.

· The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President in his/her absence or at the request of the President.

· The Secretary shall be responsible for the official minutes of the regularly monthly meetings and the Executive Committee and shall be responsible for Association correspondences.  All minutes will be turned over to the next Secretary.

· The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and disbursing of all monies of the Association under policies approved by the Executive Committee, shall submit a financial report to the Association at each meeting; and shall perform such duties as the office requires: such as being responsible for the current participant roster, containing names, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of participant applications, shall submit a copy of the regular monthly financial report.

· Funds used by the Association for the purposes as stated in this document will be endorsed by one (1) or two (2) names listed on signature card at our banking facility (Credit Union in Fairmont).  All funds in the “Building Fund” shall remain intact for a meeting building in the future or for land taxes, if the case may be.

· An annual internal audit of three (3) participants of the Association will audit the books at the end of the fiscal year with a report to the Executive Committee.  If funds exceed $15,000 an external audit will be recommended by the Executive Committee.  External agents shall prepare the annual audit within three (3) months of the close of the fiscal year and report to the Executive Committee.  A copy of the report shall be given to the President and Secretary.

· Board participants shall consist of three (3) regular participants of the Association.  They serve in an advisory capacity for the Horse Park and assist in the overall administration of the Association.

Section II:

· Officers missing more than three (3) regular meetings without just cause (illness, death, family illness, etc.) may be relieved of their duties.  Board participants must attend at least six (6) meetings out of the calendar year and all Board meetings.




Official meetings of the Association shall be held the third Monday of each month except for the month of December, when the Association may or may not hold a Christmas Party on the regular meeting night.  A meeting night can be changed, if notices to participants are properly announced beforehand.

Section I:

· The President at the request of ten (10) regular participants in good standing may call special meetings. A one (1) week notice must be given to all participants of the Association for theses special meetings.

Section II:

· A quorum (a majority vote of two-thirds of those in attendance) at a regularly scheduled meeting or a properly announced special meeting shall be all those in attendance.

Section III:

· Meetings of the Executive Board Committee shall be held two (2) times a year.  They shall be held one (1) in the first six (6) months of the calendar year and one (1) in the last six (6) months.  The minutes of all Executive meetings shall be read at the regular meeting of the Association.  A quorum at an Executive Committee meeting is constituted only when five (5) of the officers, as stated in Article V, are present.




Section I:

· Nomination committee for election of officers will consist of three (3) volunteer participants or by appointment at the September meeting.  A slate of candidates will be presented at the October meeting.  Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the November meeting when nominations will come to a close before elections take place at the time.  All participants in good standing and meet the requirements listed in Article IV are eligible for nomination

Section II:

· Elections of officers shall be conducted at the November meeting.

Section III:

· All terms begin with the fiscal year, January 1 to December 31.

Section IV:

· The President, with approval of the Executive Committee, shall make appointments of any Executive office left vacant and for the standing committees.  The appointments will be made by those individuals who will comprise the Executive Committee in the fiscal year following elections.



Section I:

· The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall have the power to appoint such committees as necessary and appropriate for the Association.

Section II:

· Standing committees are Fund-raising, Horse Park, Trails, Trail Rides, Day Camps, Clinics, Nominations (see Section I of Article VII) and Newsletter Committees.  Newsletter Committee will prepare, publish, and distribute a quality newsletter four (4) times a year, as directed by the Executive Committee. One board participant appointed by the President shall chair the Newsletter Committee.



In the event of dissolution of the Association, the 12 acres of property donated to the Association by Jack Bunner, now commonly referred to as the Bunner Ridge Horse Park, is to be turned over to the Jack Bunner heirs, as stated in the 1996 property deed.  All funds will be given a non-profit organization (s) having similar purposes as the Association.  Selection of organization(s) shall be by the Executive Committee.



The by-laws may be revised upon recommendations of the Executive Committee or a participant in good standing who has support through petitions, supported by ten (10) percent of the participant or ten (10) participant in good standing, whichever is smaller.  Changes to bylaws have to be read twice or mailed 60 day prior to balloting. Except for items specifically stated in the BRRA by-laws. Majority voting will occur at the next meeting by a majority vote of two-thirds of those in attendance at the meeting.





 Section I:

· The Association may terminate the participant for cause. Cause for termination of participant shall consist of any action by the participant that is inconsistent with the Association’s purposes and objectives, or action that tends to bring the Association into disrepute, or tends to harm the reputation of the Association in any way. Prior to terminating the participant for cause, the Executive Committee shall invite the participant to respond to the complaints alleged against the said participant. The Executive Committee shall consider the participant's response, if any, in making its decision.

· If the participant gives notice in writing to the Association to resign from the Association. A participant who has resigned or ceased to be a participant of the Association may apply at anytime for reinstatement and may be reinstated upon such terms and conditions as the Executive Committee deems fit provided that the Executive Committee may refuse to reinstate any such 10 year as long as the participant continues to remain in good standings.

Section III:

· The Association may immediately terminate the participant without further discussion if:

· The participant causes direct/blatant bodily harm to any person or animal on Association grounds., unless acting in self-defense.

· Bring alcoholic beverages/illicit drugs onto Association grounds or arriving at any Association event under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

· If the participant fails to make a contribution of any kind to the Association.

· If the participant is in breach of any rule and/or regulation of the Association.